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Besides visiting the Bacuit Archipelago, El Nido has more to offer! Spend one or more days visiting the north of El Nido
where you can relax on remote beaches, hike to waterfalls and experience local cultures.

Rent a motorbike* or hire a tricycle to visit the north, and:
-Visit long and scenic Nacpan Beach
-Hike to the Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls (45 minutes) or to the Bulalacao Waterfalls (2 hours)
(For both hikes a guide is required)
-Do a mangrove tour
-Visit the Makinit Hotsprings
-Visit the archaeological site in Ille cave
-And we specially recommend visiting Tapik Beach & Sibaltan

Experiencing the local Cuyunon culture in Sibaltan

Cultural Experience Tours at Tapik Beach & Sibaltan

Experience the culture of the Cuyunon in Sibaltan & relax at quiet Tapik Beach with its friendly atmosphere!

On the east coast north of El Nido lies the friendly village of Sibaltan. Here you can experience the local culture of the Cuyunun people during their Cultural Heritage tour. But there is much more! Relax at Tapik beach, do an island tour with snorkeling, hike through the mangroves, and (seosonal) go dugong or firefly watching.

“We are happy that during our visit to Palawan we did not only get to see the beautiful islands and marine life, but also to experience a little bit of the rural life, something of how people live and work here.”

Vicencio and Marieke from Netherlands about the Cultural Heritage Tour (posted on their blog)

“After one of the most far friendliest receptions ever with refreshments juice on the house,… we knew now that here they treat you with great hospitality. … At the end of our visit at Tapik Beach we were perfectly happy. The friendly people and great atmosphere make the place very special. Hopefully the village and the beach can keep away from the pressure and lure of mass tourism and that it will remain a well kept secret.”

Josef and Margit from Italy about Tapik Beach (posted on their blog)

Information & Booking

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*When exploring El Nido with a motorbike (125cc) be aware that most of the roads in the north of El Nido are rough roads. It is not advisable to drive a motorbike if you are not an experienced driver.

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