Matthew and Melanie

Three days safari tour with

Melanie and Matthew

Melanie from Australia and her boyfriend Matthew did a 3 days and 2 night safari tour with us. They were so kind to share some of their great pictures with us! Thanks Melanie!

We really enjoyed the island hopping and camping tour!! It was better than we could have imagined. Everything was perfect! The crew were so lovely, they were a bit shy at first but then when they realized I speak Tagalog they were lots of fun and very accommodating. All the places we went to were so beautiful and we spent just the right amount of time at each destination. The food was delicious every day, my partner and I ate so much! We would’ve put on so much weight, but we got a good work out from all the snorkeling we did. We really did enjoy ourselves, we said we would definitely do it again and even bring a few other friends with us. Thanks again so much for everything!


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