Three days and two nights with

Corrine and Gooijert

Corrine and Gooijert from the Netherlands did a 3 days and 2 night safari tour with us. During the week prior to their tour the weather was very stormy, but luckily the night before they departed the weather changed and it was great for 3 days.
Corrine, an award-winning wedding photographer, and Gooijert were so kind to share some of their pictures with us. Thank you both and we hope to see you again some day!
You can read more about their tour with us on their blog.

During our stay in Palawan our private boat tour with Palawan Explorers was definitely the highlight of our trip. Not only did I have very nice email contact beforehand with Nicolien, but the boat ride itself was really great! We could indicate what we would like to do or not. Eric and the rest of the crew were very helpful, quiet and understood exactly what was important to us. The food was extremely tasty (and lots!). When we returned to the boat after a snorkeling trip there was a cup of tea and a treat waiting for us, and in the afternoon we got a delicious cocktail, we weren’t short of anything. How we enjoyed the beautiful lagoons, the limestone rocks, the underwater world, the weather, the ambiance and so on. It’s definitely a must to go on a trip with Palawan Explorers.


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