Yesterday and today we went island hopping and camping with our guests from Estonia: Father and son Andrus and Jousep, and Eve and Margus with their sons Rainier and Sander. We left around lunchtime to go on tour A. We stayed the night camping at Pasandigan Beach at Cadlao Island. It was a fun night with some beer and rum-coke and Estonian nuts and chocolate. Our captain showed us some tricks with matches and gave us a quest with matches. Until now we were not able to solve it, even though all our efforts with paraffin wax, kalamansi, clues and glue (“I have glue!” was the response of Andrus after the captain said he would give us a clue). Maybe during the next camping trip the quest will be unraveled!

Early next morning the boys went fishing. Unfortunately, the waves were quite high and the wind strong… not very good conditions for fishing! But Jousep still caught one small fish that was barbequed during the lunch. After breakfast we go island hopping tour C. It was a fun day again! The way back to El Nido was a bit wavy; we all were soaked by the time we got back to town and probably all enjoyed the shower not much later!

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