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… to keep El Nido beautiful

El Nido and the Bacuit Archipelago are a breathtaking place. No wonder that more and more tourists come to visit to be amazed by its beautiful limestone cliffs, lagoons and beaches. At Palawan explorers we like to share with you these beautiful places, but we are also aware of the impact of tourism on the environment. Therefore we have some suggestions what you can do to help reduce the impact of your visit on the environment:

  • Ask your boatman for a life-vest when you go snorkelling. A life-vest helps you to float above the corals so that you can keep your legs still and reduce the disturbance in and around the reef. Also, never step on the corals or touch them.
  • Please don’t leave anything on the islands. Not only to keep the islands clean for the eye, but also because food, plastics and other trash can have a very negative impact on the wildlife. If you want you can of course help to clean the island from trash left by others. Ask your boatman to take the trash you collected back to El Nido.
  • Single-use plastics (such as straws, plastic bags) are now forbidden in El Nido. It is now also forbidden to bring bottled water to the islands and any other single use plastic. We advise to bring a reusable water bottle on your travels to El Nido. Refill your bottle at your hotel, several restaurants, and at your boat for island hopping.
  • The beaches are naturally scattered with beautiful shells. These shells become the homes of new inhabitants, such as the Hermite crab. To be able to reproduce the Hermite crab needs to reach a certain size and to do so it needs the bigger shells. When you wander around the beaches just be surprised by all the shells that suddenly run away. But please leave the shells on the island, especially the big ones.
  • Be critical about the souvenirs that you bring home. Ask yourself if you think the souvenir is sustainable. When you doubt, don’t buy.

Let’s all work together to keep El Nido and its islands a place full of life that is worth a visit!

Hermite Crab

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